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The BodyMind Fit course is just for us Badass Women!! In this 12 week transformation program you will learn many tools, but not just for exercise and nutrition. You will learn tools that will actually help you  live a happy, healthy and confident life. Most of all, it will be sustainable!! You will uncover the deeper layers of you. Are you struggling to reach your health goals? Have you reached a fitness or weight loss goal, but still feel unhappy or unfulfilled? What is your deeper purpose!? I believe there is a reason you’re here today reading this. Are you ready to start living with less judgement on yourself? Are you ready to stalk your fear, grow your confidence muscles and live happier and healthier than ever before??!! If so, what are you waiting for? Let's go!! 

A few of the things you can expect on your Transformation Journey are…

Custom Nutrition (these 12 weeks are not all about food restriction, its about educating, eating foods you love while hitting your health goals!), Custom Exercise plan, and education on both (knowledge is power ladies), Mindset coaching, Weekly check ins with me and so so much more!

         About Me

Hi! My name is Jaclyn Raspallo. I’m an online transformation coach specializing in fitness, nutrition and mindset and a mom of 2! I help busy women and moms transform their bodies, mindset, and life through my 3 month signature transformation program, along with an online course called TheBodyMindFitProject. Helping women with their relationship with themselves, bodies, and food all while growing confidence in every aspect of life has been my passion and soul fulfillment for many years!

Client Testimonials

"I wanted a personal trainer to keep my mind stress free and my body healthy. I was so blessed to find Jaclyn and have TheBodyMindFitProject! She not only customized each of my training sessions to my needs and abilities but her amazing online program helped me with my personal goals with how to deal with my anxiety on a day to day basis." - Heather B.

"I had been looking for someone to get me started with lifting weights and building more muscle, to avoid long term health issues. What I found was someone who not only helped with that, but guided and motivated me in ways that I didn't know I needed! Jaclyn is both supportive and uplifting, and knows exactly how to challenge me to dig deeper, both with my workouts and my mindset." - Marianne N.

"I joined Jaclyn's body fit mind program. My self confidence was at an all time low, going through rigorous chemotherapy treatments. I had recently lost my hair and wasn't feeling myself. Not only was I getting my workouts mapped out for me through a user-friendly app but I was also getting an abundance of emotional support through our weekly half hour check ins, which always rolled into hour check ins. Every week there is a new video with journal prompts touching on nutrition, exercise, confidence, discipline, mindfulness and a lot of valuable information. If I could share one thing that has resonated with me, it was one Sunday, I was at the gym and was feeling extremely down on myself. I sent Jaclyn a message via the training app venting about how I was feeling and within ten minutes she was at the gym giving me a pep talk! Jaclyn has so much drive and truly loves what she does, her empathy and love for helping people really reflects in her bodymindfit project. " - Alyson L.

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